Masterclass: The Secret to Communicating with Kids by Tamara Hanley

Masterclass: The Secret to Communicating with Kids

What if you knew EXACTLY how to deal with any challenge & enhance your family relationships?

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Empower your family with an EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE model that kids from as young as 6 can grasp!

Join us on a personal journey into how you into how you and your child see the world. Walk away with practical & powerful tools that will bring balance, calmness and help you avoid stress!

Learn a powerfully simple way for you to transform the way you and your child communicate.

This Masterclass introduces the Tribe Triad System & enables your family to start using it immediately!

Discover MOST SIMPLE form of practical psychology to empower your whole family.

Discover why mental health professionals, senior education specialists, parents, carers and youth workers all RAVE about this Masterclass!

Are you someone who TRULY wants to know what’s in the heart of your child?

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"As an ex teacher and having supported Individual and Organisational development over a number of years I can’t say strongly enough how much I have benefitted from Tamara Hanley’s insights."
Jeff Greenidge - Chairman Learning & Work Institute, Coach, Business Owner & Passionate about Education